Frida' flowerblanket finished a while ago! >>>

I did finish Frida's Flowerblanket a while ago - in the meantime I already finished another shawl, almost finished another blanket and I started a new project. But first things first. The 'Mexican' blanket turned out very fine! It has been tested by the cat - even before it was ready - and she agreed!

First I finished all the squares and then carefully blocked them row by row on a tempex plate covered with a big towel. I made the squares soaking wet with tap water and a simple spray bottle and left it overnight to dry.I t was quiet a job, but half the work! Then all the pieces were crochet together and a small border was attached to finish it off.

It is a very colorful blanket with a real Mexican feel to it. The designer Jane Crowfoot did a great job with this fun and not all to difficult pattern!