Meet Jorge! >>>

Meet Jorge!
I completely forgot to tell about Jorge, my Amigurumi Mexican-style skeleton! Jorge is finally  finished. I had a lot of fun making him! In a household full of men, crocheting girly-stuff is just not always the thing - so a skeleton combined with my love for Mexico would be ideal.  It took some time to find a great pattern, but I finally found one at CraftyDebDesigns: realistic bona fide skeleton. It's a very clear foolproof crochet pattern. Debs skeleton is really a very friendly one, very flexible and with a dropping jaw and mickey mouse-hands. For Jorge I changed those. I altered the skull, the hands and the feet to make it less bona fide, but for the rest I stuck to the pattern. I uses a crochet-hook 2 and mercerized cotton: Capri bij Katia, colour 82145 and black and DMC mercerized embroidery cotton in various colors, black and white felt to back the hands and feet, polyester stuffing and with yarn. I embellished Jorge with faux pearlbeads, sequins in silver, gold and red. That's about it.

Realistic Bona Fide Skeleton by Crafty Deb Designs
(photo from the pattern)

Feet according to mu own design
Jorge, completely relaxed.